November 15 – 16, 2019
Franklin, TN

Help yourself on the way to healing and optimal health

Do You Know The TRUTH About DENTISTRY?

It’s said that conditions in the mouth may play a role in 90% of all health problems – including those that wouldn’t seem to involve the mouth at all.

Autoimmune disorders. Neurological problems. Cardiovascular issues. “Enigmatic” conditions such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and multiple chemical sensitivities.

We invite you to join us in Nashville this November to learn about how traditional dentistry can drag down your health and well-being – AND how biological dentistry can help make things right.

That’s when the International Academy of Biological Dentistry & Medicine and Ty and Charlene Bollinger of The Truth About Cancer will be teaming up to bring you the IABDM’s first ever patient conference.

Fifteen leading dentists, physicians, researchers, and other health professionals are scheduled to speak on various aspects of the mouth-body connection so you can get a deeper, better understanding of how oral conditions can impact your health – and, most importantly, what you can do about it!

With noted author and researcher Dr. Thomas Levy
leading the way with his talk on new uses for vitamin C therapy,
our scheduled lineup also includes:

Mike Darcy

On questions you should
always ask your dentist first

Ron Carlson, DDS

On the true principles of health

Blanche Grube, DMD, MIABDM

On the gum disease/cancer link

Fran Horning, RDH

On toxin-free oral health products

Felix Liao, DDS, MIABDM

On airway connections to chronic
pain, fatigue, & cancer

Thomas Lokensgard, DDS

On the truth about dentistry

Michael Margolis, DDS, FIABDM

On biocompatibility

Nicholas Meyer, DDS

On how your teeth can control
your health

Bill Osmunson, DDS, MPH

On fluoridation, dentistry’s greatest public health blunder

Marvin Pantangco, DDS

On protecting you & your family
from dangers in dentistry

Allison Savic, RDH, BSDH, CSOM

On myofunctional therapy

Leslie Shew, PhD, CTN

On anxiety & stress

John Parks Trowbridge, MD

On dentistry & cancer

Carol Wells, RDH

On changes in dentistry

Louisa Williams, DC, ND

On sugar, food, and allergies

Eric Zaremski, DDS

On dental ozone

General Public Meeting Schedule, IABDM 2019

Attendees can pick and choose the presentations they’d like to see from any track.

Friday, November 15

7 – 8am: Registration

8:30 – 10am
TRACK A: Biocompatible Dentistry for a Healthier You, presented by Michael Margolis, DDS, FIABDM
TRACK B: A Look at Dentistry and Diseases, presented by Blanche Grube, DMD, MIABDM

10:30am – 12pm
TRACK A: Dental or Visceral: How Sugar, Food, Allergies Affect Teeth, presented by Louisa Williams, DC, ND
TRACK B: Recognizing Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders in the Dental Patient, presented by Allison Savic, RDH, BSDH, CSOM

1:30 – 3pm
TRACK A: Toxic-Free Oral Health Care Products, presented by Fran Horning, RDH
TRACK B: Ozone & Other Alternative Therapies in Dentistry, presented by Eric Zaremski, DDS

3:30 – 5pm
TRACK A: How Your Teeth Can Control Your Health & Well-Being, presented by Nicholas Meyer, DDS
TRACK B: Dental Public Health’s Greatest Blunder: Protecting Patients from Excess Fluoride, presented by Bill Osmunson, DDS, MPH

Saturday, November 16

8:30 – 10am
TRACK A: Sleep-Airway-Jaw Connections to Chronic Pain, Fatigue, and Cancer, presented by Felix Liao, DDS, MIABDM
TRACK B: The Truth about Dentistry, presented by Thomas Lokensgard, DDS

10:30am – 12pm
TRACK A: Dangers in Dentistry: How to Protect You & Your Family, presented by Marvin Pantangco, DDS
TRACK B: The Truth About Anxiety & Stress, presented by Leslie Shew, PhD, CTN
TRACK C: Vitamin C Therapy: The Increasing Applications of Vitamin C, presented by Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD

1:30 – 3pm
TRACK A: Dentistry Is Changing on a Daily Basis, presented by Carol Wells, RDH
TRACK B: Could Your Dentist Give You Cancer or Other Deadly Diseases?, presented by John Parks Trowbridge, MD

3 – 5pm
TRACK A: True Principles of Health, presented by Ron Carlson, DDS
TRACK B: Questions You Should Ask Your Dental Professional Before You Sit in Their Chair, presented by Jason Büyüközer

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Featured Presenters

A Look at Dentistry and Diseases

Presenter: Blanche Grube, DMD, MIABDM

Research has shown that oral health is the key to whole-body health. While this has been studied for more than a century, it is something that is commonly ignored by the medical profession. More importantly, conventional dentistry is often the culprit of creating a hostile environment in the mouth by using toxic materials. While this lecture focuses on “Cancer”, it also shines the light on many of today’s diseases that are positively linked to oral health.
Dr. Blanche Grube will be discussing all of these factors such as: metal toxicity, root canals, implants, gum disease, oral pathogens and more. She will be providing solutions to assist attendees on how to regain their health and just how important mouth health is key to whole-body health.  

Vitamin C Therapy: The Increasing Applications of Vitamin C

Presenter: Tom Levy MD, JD

Vitamin C therapy, by intravenous administration and via multiple other forms of administration, has been utilized for many decades around the world, predominantly in the clinical setting. Very gradually, it is also being administered in the hospitalized setting. Its benefits as both a monotherapy and as an important adjunctive therapy in a wide array of medical conditions are unparalleled in comparison to any other single agent or intervention. Today, even

more applications of vitamin C are being researched and increasingly utilized, and even more dramatic results are consistently being seen. These new applications, as well as a pertinent review of its traditional applications along the results achieved, will be reviewed in some detail. The proposed role for vitamin C as part of any treatment protocol for any condition will also be discussed.

Sleep-Airway-Jaw Connections to Chronic Pain, Fatigue, and Cancer

Presenter: Felix Liao, DDS, MIABDM

Sleep can boost immune system, recharge energy, and recover health naturally — provided that the airway is wide open during sleep. Join Dr. Felix Liao, author of 6-Foot Tiger 3-Foot Cage, to find root-cause level treatment: 1) How deficient jaws create an undersized habitat to force the tongue into occupying the airway;

2) Impaired Mouth Syndrome: common consequences of sleep apnea and malocclusion (bad bite); 3) New epigenetic solutions that helps widen airway painlessly while you sleep. Airway rules because oxygen is not optional in cancer prevention, recovery, and wellness maintenance.

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